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      UPS High Speed Inkjet Plotter JD-UPS Series
      (Jindex Model Description: Due to export CE certification requirements, the model is the actual plot print size) *The worlds first front double feed system *Internet multi-machine simultaneous display/printing *Perfectly cut 300g Kraft paper *One-click online setup
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      Functions And Special Feature

      Jindex iplot-UPS inkjet plotter performance:

      Jindex HP45 series inkjet printers, with the excellent electromechanical structure in 2010 and the integration of the latest German network transmission technology, have launched the world's first more advanced 3i inkjet printers:

      1i. Internet multi-machine networking "cloud printing technology";

      Cloud printing technology: a computer network control up to 50 inkjet machine printing at the same time, HPGLHPGPLTPRN and other files through the local area network or INTERNET free transmission, system free distribution printing, the establishment of your "global printing dream factory" immediately become a reality!

      2i. Integrated system

      1.The first cloud configuration inkjet printer in the world. After replacing the computer or installing WINDOWS again, the automatic configuration inkjet printer can print normally without 1:1 scale and misalignment of the nozzle.

      2. Adopt intelligent paper saving, perfect dynamic control acceleration function, compatible with WIN7,WIN8 and other ink-jet machine incompatible computer operating system.

      3. Standard delivery paper motor, bearing 50KG paper roll, paper track and "slide sheet" in the printing platform to prevent paper jam, single, double and four spray free choice, as needed to upgrade the printing capacity.

      3i. Intelligent artificial intelligence:

      The machine is equipped with powerful artificial intelligence technology, intelligent memory after power failure, and printing on demand after power on, which can coordinate other brands of inkjet machine to print togethe

      High Speed Inkjet Plotter Jd-Ak45 Series Technical Parameters Standard Table

      Technical Parameters/Mode





      Maximum Drawn Width





      Maximum Feed Width





      Maximum Speed & Resolution

      90 square meters/hour     300dpi

      180 square meters/hour     300dpi

      Continue Drawing After Emergency Stop

      In case of sudden power failure, work interruption and other emergencies, when the printing stops, the system will automatically save the printed file, then select the unprinted area of the file, and continue to print after starting up to prevent repeated printing.

      Cartridge Type

      HP45 Supply ink cartridge,Maintenance-free nozzles, use up and change, the easiest to use

      Cartridge Number

      2 Heads4 Heads

      Curves Quality 

      Computer curve automatic optimization technology, to ensure that the curve printing effect mellow smooth, print quality and effect is clear and fine, smooth interface, no sawtoot

      Length Guarantee

      Continuous printing more than hundreds of meters, the docking is still perfect

      Paper Feed Motor

      The perfect paper feeding system ensure the continuous and smooth paper feeding in the process of paper printing, which will never lead to the problem of paper not moving, and will never cause the problem of short and long size

      Port Selection

      Super network port or USB conversion port

      Machine Language

      HPGL form Gerber,Lectra,Optitex,Investronic,Assyst,VetiGraph,Tuka,Any Chhinese CAD

      Power Consumption

      <300W;110-260V AC;47-66HZ;(Option:90-120V)

      Network Printing

      Truly realized a computer control multiple inkjet plotter network printing, with the "night printing mode", to achieve the unmanned printing

      Automatic Paging 

      The output center software can automatically page print according to the width of the printed file and the maximum print width

      Gross Weight


      Control Advantages

      Using servo motor with a code plate to control the direction of inkjet printing for ensuring accurate alignment.No grating strips and grating sensors to avoid maintenance and related derivative maintenance after the grating is contaminated with dust. and makes the UPS machine more stable and reliable


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