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      CNC Leather Cutting Machine JD-AS-L Series
      Shoe bag leather
      Jindex CNC single cutting bed in the operation is very flexible and diverse, can be targeted at a variety of materials, to achieve a composite of multiple processes as one of the operation, such as cutting, marking, punching, drawing, and even personalized cutting in one go. It reduces the operation
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      ◇  Electrical oscillating knife cutting head, strong strength, high vibration frequency, up to 22,000 times per minute;


      ◇  High-resolution short-focus direct projection, 1:1 pattern output for clearer and more intuitive workflow.

      ◇  The independent anti-shock design projection frame avoids the influence of the machine on the projection during the production process, making the projection more stable.

      ◇  Personalized interactive work function, making typesetting, cutting and receiving at the same time, maximizing equipment efficiency.

      ◇  The highly integrated multi-function head can simultaneously cut, punch, draw and mark.

      ◇  The self-developed automatic typesetting cutting system maximizes the need for automatic typesetting and cutting of leather and PU, and improves the utilization of leather materials efficiently, while eliminating the worries of software upgrades.

      ◇  Support international DXF, HPGL format, avoid compatibility problems between different software, and make the workflow more simplified.

      CNC Leather Cutting Machine JD-AS-L Series Technical Parameters Standard Table

      Technical Parameters/Model




      Operating Characteristic




      Cutting Speed


      Cutting Thickness


      Cutting Material

      Leather, artificial leather, cardboard, rubber sheet, gray board, composite material, gasket, white cardboard


      Rotating the cutter head, oscillating head, punching

      Drive Motor

      Servo Motor

      Available Pen Type/Number 

      Ordinary pen, oil pen, ball pen, silver pen / 8 groups of different strokes, half knife, knife set full

      Way for Fixing Material

      Vacuum adsorption

      Repeat Accuracy


      Transmission Interface

      Ethernet port

      Command System

      HP-GL & GP-GL

      Transmission Material

      Linear guide, imported synchronous belt

      Voltage and Power

      AC 220V 380V ± 10%, 50HZ; Total Power 6kw;  Fuse Size 6A

      Oscillating Knife Head

      Oscillation Knife Head motor 22000 rpm,Electric and pneumatic head optional


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