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      Flatbed Pen Cutter JD-A Series
      Line drawing, drawing, text marking, half cutting, full cutting, one time. Meet the production target of less batch, more orders and more styles. The transmission system adopts imported linear guide rail with high speed, high precision, low sound and stable quality. Can be connected with any CAD sof
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      Function and Special Features

      Jindex stepping plate cutting machine, can automatically feed action device. And operating software, can produce all the samples and samples, it can be used in clothing, shoes and bags and other industries, as well as compatible with all popular CAD systems. The high quality machine guarantees the extremely high accuracy and the speed, regardless of the cutting condition.

      ◇  Line drawing, drawing, text annotation, half knife cutting, full knife cutting, a complete. Meet the production target of less batch, more orders and more styles.

      ◇  The transmission system adopts imported linear guide rail, high speed, high precision, low sound, stable quality.

      ◇  Static board original imported parts from Japan, other parts and components also used a large number of imported products.

      ◇  The fastest cutting speed up to 1200mm/s.

      ◇  Standard I/O interface, in HP-GL format.

      ◇  Optional loading rack and automatic feeding device.

      ◇  Any CAD software can be connected, widely used in clothing, shoes, bags and handbags, laser knife mold drawing, lighting, advertising gifts, adhesive, color box packaging and other industries drawing and cutting.

      Flatbed Pen Cutter JD-A Series Technical Parameters Standard Table

      Technical Parameters/Model




      Operating Characteristic

      Computer operation and machine cutting can be performed simultaneously, as well data transmission can be completed quickly and used continuously.

      Cutting Speed

      Up to 1200mm/s

      Cutting Thickness

      ≤2.0 MM

      Cutting Material

      Yellow thick cardboard, red cardboard, PVC board, white cardboard, chicken paper, fiber midsole and plastic board,etc.

      Cutting Method

      Multi-purpose knife holder, 4 sets of different strokes, half-knife, full-knife settings

      Pen Type/Knife Type

      Ordinary signature pen, oil pen, ball pen / Special steel knife

      Fixed Way

      Double-sided adhesive paste / vacuum adsorption / electrostatic adsorption

      Mechanical Resolution

      0.005 mm

      Software Resolution

      0. 025mm、0. 01mm、0. 1mm optional

      Cutting Circular Diameter

      ≧2mm diameter

      Transmission Interface

      Standard parallel port, serial port

      Format Compatible

      AI software, Autocad, Coreldraw and all box design software can be directly output without conversion, with automatic optimization

      Command System


      CNC Panel

      Liquid crystal display and contact buttons

      Transmission Material

      Linear guide, imported synchronous belt

       Voltage and Power

      AC 220V  ± 10%, 50HZ;  Fuse Size 6A

      Cutting Area




      Appearance Size




      Imported timing belt ensures safe and stable transmission

      Synchronous gear accessories

      Knife pen double head design automatic cutting conversion

      Imported balanced linear guides ensure uninterrupted cutting and precise cutting profiles

      User-friendly control panel

      Connect to other CAD systems by importing HPGL format files


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