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      Shen Zhen Jindex Stock Co.,Limited

      We are looking for a business department - a foreign trade clerk:

      Requirements: Female are required to hold a certificate of CET-4 or above, more than one year of foreign trade sales, shipping export practice independent operation experience (clothing, handbags, bags, shoe factories and other industry orders or business sales record: Strive to open up global agent wholesalers and retail,  we need experienced girl.

      Treatment: salary is negotiable;

      Treatment: Provide accommodation (1~2 people/room, water heater, air conditioner), free noon work meal, monthly employee red envelope and party dinner, May 1st, National day company staff group travel, year-end award, etc. enjoy national legal holidays and the state stipulates weddings, maivers, and other holidays and various welfare benefits.

      Contact: Miss Amy

      Hot line: 0755-86290881/5 to 8001

      Mobile / QQ / Wechat: +86 13760365001


      Tel:0755-86290881/5 to 8007、8009

      Contacts:18923737801Click there to chat with me.



      Address: Jindex Tech. Park, Block 8, Dawei 4rd Rd. Xinqiao Shajing Bao-An Dist.,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China